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 Tuesday, 17th March 2009, 13:50:00

Businesses to get ads on Google News

Businesses to get ads on Google News

Online businesses hoping to create greater exposure for their brand, whether an ecommerce store or a service provider, could do no better than advertising on Google.

As of this week, the search engine giant is to run ads alongside articles it hosts on Google News.

In addition to maps, photographs and links to related news, the ads will appear underneath the main article text and will be relevant to the story itself.

The idea is that the needs of web users, publishers and advertisers will all be catered for under the medium of news, in order to create the best online experience.

Google's product business manager Josh Cohen commented: "We're always looking for ways to work with publishers to help them distribute, promote and earn revenue from their content, whether they maintain their own destination website or not."

One consideration for businesses when commissioning ads should be their size.

This comes after recent research from ADTECH found that bigger ads get larger pay per click rates.

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