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 Monday, 7th November 2011, 13:20:12

Ecommerce shoppers set to use mobile devices

Ecommerce shoppers set to use mobile devices

Ecommerce businesses looking to increase the number of shoppers visiting their website during the festive period have been warned to expect an influx of traffic from smartphone handsets during the month of November.

According to new figures from computer manufacturing firm IBM, 15 per cent of internet surfers in the US are expected to carry out their shopping through the use of their mobile device during this year's run up to Christmas.

John Squire, director of product management at enterprise marketing management for IBM Industry Solutions, said: "This November holiday season will mark the true advent of the post-PC era with consumers demonstrating a heightened interest in adding mobile devices to their holiday shopping arsenal."

The figures, which were based on data from the IBM Coremetrics Benchmark, see mobile ecommerce traffic driven in large part by the increasing popularity of iPads and Android mobile phones.

According to the results, record numbers of consumers will shift their shopping from their PC to a mobile device to visit an online retailer, rising from 4.2 per cent in October 2010, while mobile sales are also set to surge during the upcoming festive period.

The results are also set to have a significant social influence on the online retail industry, with the influence of these sites and services set to overtake that of other channels. October conversion rates saw 9.2 per cent of consumers visiting a retail site from a social media website making a purchase.

"Savvy retailers must invest in delivering hyper-personalised, smarter commerce shopping experiences that are capable of building loyalty through multiple channels with exceptionally relevant promotions, free shipping and more," Mr Squire added.

This comes after Rob Thurner, mobile consultant, trainer and speaker for the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, advised companies against underestimating the impact of smartphones when developing online marketing strategies.

Posted by Phil Williams

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