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 Tuesday, 10th April 2012, 16:29:53

Smartphone users 'waste £5bn a year' on wrong tariffs

Smartphone users 'waste £5bn a year' on wrong tariffs

Consumers are losing £5 billion-a-year by choosing the wrong mobile phone deal, new research has found, largely due to a lack of data awareness.

According to figures from Carphone Warehouse, around £173 million is being wasted on data penalty charges as more than a quarter of UK consumers regularly exceed their contracted data allowance.

One of the key problems is that many people are confused about what constitutes data usage and to what extent.

The survey found that many consumers did not know that social apps like Facebook and Skype use data even when they are only on in the background.

Only 12 per cent of respondents knew how much it would cost to download 1MB of data outside of their contractual allowance.

Smartphones are currently used for everything from social networking to m-commerce (e-commerce on a mobile platform) and the cost soon adds up.

The survey also found that nearly half of consumers had no idea how many minutes, texts or units of data their current tariff allowed them.

Posted by Phil Williams

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