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 Tuesday, 20th January 2009, 14:36:00

Hostway receives Web Hosts of the Decade prize

Hostway receives Web Hosts of the Decade prize

Web hosting company Hostway has been selected as one of HostReview's five Web Hosts of the Decade.

HostReview made the announcement when unveiling its tenth Annual Web Hosting Awards and suggested the decade category was designed to cover not only its existence as a publication, but the large-scale growth of the internet as a whole.

The winners were chosen for defining innovation and dependability within the internet hosting sector between 1998 and 2008.

HostReview suggested that Hostway is in a good position to continue along this road in the coming years, claiming that the recent release of its cloud computing platform FlexCloud shows that it remains focused on "investing in the future".

"They symbolise the commitment of web hosts to provide the fiber, iron and effort, which power the online experience and enable the further development of the web," it stated.

Darren Tabor, chief executive of HostReview's parent company DevStart, claimed it was a "thrill" to present the decade awards.ADNFCR-1984-ID-18982052-ADNFCR

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