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 Friday, 8th October 2010, 17:18:45

US federal government could save up to £630 billion by using green IT, report says

US federal government could save up to £630 billion by using green IT, report says

The US federal government could save money by using more energy-efficient IT systems, according to a new report.

IT budgets could be cut by over $1 trillion (£630 billion) by 2020 if the government uses green data centres from which to launch its applications or store its data.

The Technology CEO Council (TCC) report said that the US could "foster greater innovation" in health, education and energy by using green IT, such as managed hosting.

Bruce Mehlman, executive director of the TCC, said that though world powers have made moves to become more energy-efficient, more can still be done.

"Governments in the United States and around the world have made tremendous progress in the area of applying information technology to improve efficiency," he said.

"Best of all, the solutions the TCC is proposing do not require new legislation – they can start today – leading to innovation and long-term economic growth."

Network storage and software as a service (SaaS) are also ways in which governments could outsource their computing departments to save money and become greener. 

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