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 Thursday, 2nd July 2009, 09:49:57

'Be prepared for SEO success', warns expert

'Be prepared for SEO success', warns expert

Firms need to ensure that their websites are prepared for sudden surges in traffic caused by successful search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns, an expert has claimed.

According to Ken Godskind, chief strategy officer at AlertSite, companies that do not take measures to ready themselves could find they are overwhelmed when great numbers of visitors head to their websites.

In an article for, the expert said that many factors can lead to a spike in traffic, such as black-out sales, free shipping days and SEO.

"If unprepared, dramatic traffic increases can lead to delays, hang-ups, outages, and even outright system failures that can negatively impact campaign success," Mr Godskind commented.

He said that web performance should always be monitored using tools that can record and measure all the relevant information, such as domain addresses, text, images and HTML.

This comes after Stewart Baines warned in article for that SEO should be balanced between what is good for Google and what is good for the reader.

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