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 Wednesday, 8th July 2009, 11:18:07

Business blogs 'need to have quality content'

Business blogs 'need to have quality content'

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) need to ensure that they include quality content when they set up business blogs, an expert in the sector has commented.

Chris Lake, editor in chief at Econsultancy, reminded experts that this is the key to blogging - whether for ecommerce stores or other companies - and that Google "loves unique content".

He said SMEs should be able to identify three key phrases that are central to the online store they are working on and that content should be written based on these.

"Build a blog around your chosen outcome and write unique posts about that subject," Mr Lake commented.

The expert added that blogs should be updated on a regular basis, have a real voice and embrace the online community.

Despite this, recent research released by revealed that 70 per cent of small businesses are not updating their blogs regularly, even though a number of small online firms have expanded during the recession.

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