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 Monday, 10th August 2009, 18:00:00

Businesses 'must ensure their data is up to standard'

Businesses 'must ensure their data is up to standard'

Ecommerce firms which rely on compiling and managing customer data must ensure that information is accurate and properly organised.

A survey commissioned by data quality provider Pitney Bowes Business Insight and automated data mastering company Silver Creek Systems has revealed that a third of respondents considered the quality of their data to be "poor at best", while only four per cent rated it as excellent.

According to research and advisory company Gartner, inaccurate or outdated customer data can undermine business initiatives such as customer relationship management, which is often used by those looking to sell online.

Daragh O'Brien, director of publicity and recruitment at the International Association for Information and Data Quality, therefore called on companies and websites which use such information to make sure it meets the standard required by their business model and in turn their clients.

He said: "Quality is about meeting or exceeding the needs of today while being in a position to scale to the challenges of tomorrow."

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