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 Wednesday, 4th April 2012, 16:50:37

Four essential elements for successful online marketing

Four essential elements for successful online marketing

Businesses should not underestimate the importance of a successful website when it comes to online marketing.

According to Patricia Davidson, online consultant and founder of, there are four key areas that companies must get right on site in order to attract consumers.

The first important issue is that of navigation, which must be clear and simple so that customers can easily find the products that they desire.

"This is where so many e-commerce websites fall down, trying to be over clever [and] ending up over-designed in an effort to reinvent a wheel that has already proved its success," Ms Davidson warned.

She noted that the most successful online retailers keep the same essential navigation template, regardless of how much they may vary in terms of brand message and design.

Secondly, companies should also ensure that they use images on site to the best effect.

This is especially true given the technological advances that allow for much more detailed viewings, such as zoom abilities and alternative angles.

"Before e-commerce started to grow so quickly, it was too easy to say, 'but I want to get close to the product I'm interested in, to touch it and feel it before I buy it'. Now this is virtually possible on the screen," Ms Davidson said.

The third element is the importance of employing search engine optimisation, as websites which are not properly optimised run the risk of being overlooked in search engine rankings and are therefore less visible to online shopping customers.

Finally, any site should be easily and freely searchable by its users. To enable this, the company must have a speedy search engine and ensure that all products are clearly labelled and simple to find.

After all, as Ms Davidson noted, "there is nothing more irritating than putting 'red dress' into a search box and getting all dresses and everything red".

Posted by Phil Williams

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