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 Thursday, 7th June 2012, 15:14:02

Gartner offers tips for mobile site customer service

Gartner offers tips for mobile site customer service

A well-optimised mobile website is an increasingly essential component to any firm's online marketing strategy.

Poor mobile websites tend to have higher 'bounce rates', which is where consumers visit but leave before completing any transaction.

Bounce rates are ten per cent higher on mobile devices than on desktop devices, according to research from online sales firm Mediarun.

It can be challenging to create a mobile site that is as engaging and well-functioning as the full version.

John Jacobs, research director at IT firm Gartner, noted: "If done well, mobile solutions can expand the channels of communication with customers, employees and business partners, and can result in better customer retention, increased sales, improved employee productivity, and more.

"Done poorly, mobile solutions can very easily destroy your customer service reputation."

There are a number of ways for an organisation to optimise their mobile sites correctly.

First of all, companies should comply with the 'three-click/tap/press' rule, which dictates that applications should not use more than three key strokes to get to their functionality.

Ergonomics is another key issue, especially text input, and website content needs to be simplified and repurposed for mobile devices.

Security is of crucial importance, and any mobile architecture should include authentication, encryption and a secure log-in to protect users' details.

An easily accessible navigation function is a must-have as one of the biggest frustrations for a potential consumer is being unable to move around the site efficiently.

Some companies also make the mistake of 'burying' their most important functions within the application, but the limited screen space means that it is important to ensure that these are right at the start of the navigation journey.

Businesses should remember that many mobile phones are not smartphones and therefore have limited graphic processing capability. Site owners must therefore be careful to avoid the incorrect or illegible display of text or graphics.

The display can also be affected by glare from the sunlight, so it is advisable to 'bold' the most important pieces of information on the screen.

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 07-06-2012: Fun is key to online marketing with social media

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 06-06-2012: Mobile e-commerce shows 'astronomical growth'

 06-06-2012: Mobile e-commerce shows 'astronomical growth'

 06-06-2012: E-commerce accounts for 1 in 3 UK purchases

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