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 Thursday, 13th August 2009, 17:00:00

Poor data management 'can impede business'

Poor data management 'can impede business'

Companies and e-commerce websites looking to improve their business performance have been reminded that poor data management can prove an obstacle to sales and strategy.

According to a survey commissioned by data quality provider Pitney Bowes Business Insight, many companies are finding it difficult to attain the quality of business data they believe they need, with only four per cent of those polled rating their data quality as excellent.

Dean Wiltshire, senior product analyst of data quality for the company, said: "Without data quality it is that much harder to satisfy your customer because you don't have a complete view of your customer."

As such, professional companies looking to improve their customer relationship management have been advised to appoint information and data quality professionals to resolve their problems.

This will allow a system to be put into place which in future will allow any future data quality issues to be kept in check.

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 12-08-2009: E-commerce firms 'put off Facebook by branding concerns'

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