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 Wednesday, 9th February 2011, 15:47:58

Social networking websites 'need to evolve' to maintain interest

Social networking websites 'need to evolve' to maintain interest

Businesses using social networking to market their website and their brand online may need to watch out for updates and changes after an expert said that Twitter will need to evolve to keep people using it.

Andrew Girdwood, head of strategy at bigmouthmedia, said that Twitter will need to look at ways to "highlight the most important tweets" as well as how to list friends to help sustain its originality.

He added that the site will need to keep an eye out for what 'the average Joe in the street' thinks about the site to ensure that it remains popular.

This could mean companies broaden their marketing channels, such as through email, to make sure they are on top of developments associated with developing a brand.

Mr Girdwood added that Twitter will "need to evolve" and that recent changes represent a start in maintaining people's attention.

"[With] Twitter recently we're seeing it recommending people to follow to you, and that's actually good, because that keeps the use of Twitter going and, if you're new to Twitter, people can find you and you get adopted by the community more quickly," he said.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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