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 Thursday, 16th September 2010, 17:06:55

Twitter revamp brings video and photos closer to users' pages

Twitter revamp brings video and photos closer to users' pages

Social networking site Twitter has undergone a revamp that integrates video and audio onto people's pages - instead of directing them to new windows - to ensure users remain on the site longer.

Whereas the old layout was dedicated to tweets only, the new design has two panels which have tweets on one, and video and photos on the other.

Previously viewing photos and videos would take a user into a new window, therefore directing them away from the site.

Evan Williams, Twitter's chief executive and co-founder, told BBC News that though the old layout was popular, the new design brings everything together.

"You can now take a simple short tweet and get more context and information in less time," Mr Williams told the news provider.

"We liked the old Twitter but we thought we could make it better. There was a lot buried underneath Twitter and now we are bringing all of that to the surface."

The changes could interest small and medium businesses (SMBs) who are looking to use social networking sites for marketing purposes.

Earlier this month a survey of 269 companies from Darryl Willcox Publishing showed that 35 per cent of SMBs use social networking sites daily to promote their business. 

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