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 Friday, 30th January 2009, 16:07:00

Adobe announces record-breaking Flash implementation

Adobe announces record-breaking Flash implementation

Adobe Systems has announced that a record number of its Flash Platform products Adobe Air and Adobe Flash Player 10 are being installed on computers around the globe.

In a presentation at Adobe Imax Japan this week, the company revealed that 55 per cent of all computers had Flash Player 10 installed within two months of the software being launched.

This percentage continues to increase and Adobe expects that during the second quarter of this year, the overall figure could be greater than 80 per cent.

Air has also proven to be a success, with a total of approximately 100 million installations less than 12 months after its release.

Michele Turner, the vice-president of product marketing at Adobe's platform business unit, claimed that widespread implementation of the products "is a clear indication that individuals and organisations across the globe rely on the Adobe Flash Platform for breakthrough interactive content, applications and video on the web".

Adobe Air 1.5 was made available for Linux users in the middle of last month.ADNFCR-1984-ID-19000950-ADNFCR

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