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 Wednesday, 11th February 2009, 16:52:00

Adobe given Gartner plaudit

Adobe given Gartner plaudit

Industry consultant Gartner has awarded Adobe with a "strong positive" rating in its new report.

The company has produced a study focused on Ajax technologies and Rich Internet Application (RIA) platforms, the market for which it says is "in rapid growth and transformation".

A total of 20 vendors were evaluated by Gartner, with criteria including overall viability, offering strategy and track record.

Those given a strong positive grade are viewed as a robust choice for strategic investments, the organisation stated, applying this rating to the Adobe Flash Platform.

Vice-president of product marketing and developer relations for the platform business unit at Adobe Systems Michele Turner said it was "exciting" to see how different clients use the tool for online business operations such as ecommerce.

"We are committed to enabling effective RIA solutions through the Adobe Flash Platform and continue to focus on helping companies create compelling Web applications in the enterprise," she added.

Meanwhile, this week also saw Gartner announce three finalists that have qualified for its business intelligence excellence award.ADNFCR-1984-ID-19020408-ADNFCR

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 11-02-2009: Law firm 'delighted' with VMware ThinApp

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 11-02-2009: VMware secures another technology award

 11-02-2009: VMware secures another technology award

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