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 Thursday, 7th October 2010, 14:03:47

IMB unveils new storage system to help process transactions

IMB unveils new storage system to help process transactions

IBM has unveiled a new storage system that is designed to help users optimise workloads and reduce rack space.

The Storwize V7000 system will be aimed at the midrange market, helping with cost-effective data flow while also having 67 per cent less rack space.

It could also help those involved with its ecommerce as IBM believes the new product will process transactions "growing volume of transactions completed from the Web and mobile and embedded devices

Anna Wells, storage platform sales leader for IBM in Australia and New Zealand, told that "having access to specialised resources", such as the Storwize V7000, is important.

"This is a fully integrated product that brings a whole lot of capability together for the customer," she said,

"They can bring a level of expertise in the sales and technical process as the product gets up and going."

Yesterday it was announced that IBM was close to buying the marketing services company Unica for $480 million (£301 million). 

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