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 Friday, 13th April 2012, 14:59:58

Apple launches anti-malware update

Apple launches anti-malware update

Apple has released a Java update to Macintosh computer users to tackle the Flashback malware.

The security update for computers running Mac 0SX 10.6 and 10.7 (also known as 'snow leopard' and 'lion') is designed to deal with hundreds of thousands of infections worldwide.

It is available through Apple's built-in software updates system.

Originally, the number of affected computers was estimated at 600,000, but this has declined since the existence of Flashback was revealed by Russian antivirus company Dr Web.

According to Apple, the software update "removes the most common variants of the Flashback malware" and turns off the automatic execution of Java applets on website pages.

Symantec has also released a similar tool, the Norton Flashback Detection and Removal Tool, to help Mac users protect their computers.

The Flashback malware was designed to grab passwords and other information from users through their web browsers and other applications.

It looks like a legitimate browser plug-in and appears when the user is visiting a malicious website. The software then installs a code to gather personal information and send it to remote servers.

Posted by Phil Williams

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