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 Tuesday, 1st November 2011, 16:33:10

Businesses 'have a cavalier attitude to security'

Businesses 'have a cavalier attitude to security'

Businesses are conveying a cavalier attitude to security and cybercrime prevention and should take action to ward off attacks from external sources, it has been suggested.

Rob Smith, chief operating officer of IT optimisation consultancy Intergence, highlighted how a combination of modified attacks can invade the most powerful detection devices.

His comments were made after Intergence network security Stonesoft introduced 163 new advanced evasion techniques (AET) that can bypass 99 per cent of security systems.

Mr Smith recommended firms should ensure they are using an AET aware dynamic software security solution to prevent such attacks, while updating these regularly.

Ilkka Hiidenheimo, founder and chief executive of Stonesoft, said: "Very few vendors have truly understood the magnitude of the problem, while some are struggling to provide some kind of protection."

Last month, Integralis AG announced it was to expand its operations to meet global demand for improved IT security and information risk management solutions.

Posted by Judy Gifford

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