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 Tuesday, 17th April 2012, 16:34:44


BYOD "creates headaches for businesses"

Many employees welcome BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies in the workplace despite the security risks for firms, experts believe.

According to Pierre Hall, solutions director at IT infrastructure firm Computacenter, workers are keen to integrate the latest consumer gadgets into their work environment, whether it has a positive effect or not.

"In terms of technology in the workplace, it is much more about having a slim, light and fast device, rather than its functionality. It is clear that the increase in mobile devices is changing the way organisations work and creating a lot of headaches for businesses," he said.

This is particularly true with senior employees, who have more disposable income and want to treat themselves to the latest devices.

In fact, Mr Hall attributed the majority of new iPad sales to the affluent 30-plus market.

The Computacenter study also found that more than half of IT decision makers believed that un-managed consumer devices present a huge security and compliance challenge to organisations.

Over half of the 'Generation Z' (16 to 24-year-old) workers who were questioned during the survey said that having the latest gadgets in the workplace could be counterproductive and cause them to lose focus.

It is perhaps surprising, given that the younger generation is often perceived as being the target market for the most sought-after consumer electronic devices.

Mr Hall said that the research showed how Generation Z "actually cares more about the right tools to do the job than BYOD".

"Just because they have grown up with instant messaging and hi-tech gadgets in their social life doesn’t mean they want to bring them to work," he added.

BYOD policies can create a myriad of security problems for businesses.

For one thing, workers risk transferring malicious software from their personal device when it is connected to the corporate network.

In addition, when confidential data is stored on the device, it can be accessed outside of the workplace environment and there are few legal boundaries that employers can impose on their staff to prevent this.

Posted by Phil Williams

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