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 Monday, 23rd April 2012, 08:59:15

BYOD has many benefits

BYOD has many benefits

There are a number of advantages to implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies within the workplace, experts believe.

According to Darran Clare, head of internet protocol at IT solutions firm Zycko, BYOD can help businesses to save energy.

This is largely because employees who bring in their own personal devices for use in the workplace are more likely to use pre-charged tablets than laptops or PCs which need to be plugged in at the office.

"Instead, they are going to be walking around with their mobile devices.

"Now that might not sound a lot, but when you multiply it by the amount of employees that have got their own devices running on battery, that could be seen as a huge cost-saving in energy," he said

BYOD can also help companies to cut down expenses, as employers can avoid spending money on supplying devices when staff can provide their own.

However, some experts believe that allowing personal devices to be connected to the corporate system can raise the risk of security threats and data loss.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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