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 Tuesday, 3rd April 2012, 16:52:52

Cloud can help companies with remote workers

Cloud can help companies with remote workers

Firms should consider employing cloud technology to enable more flexible working among employees, experts believe.

Dr Steven Turner, vice president of optimisation consultancy Intergence, said that there are a number of advantages to using the cloud.

For one thing, cloud computing allows companies to build a geographically diverse team, and can improve productivity and communication.

In addition, cloud services allow employees to share files, access business services, talk to each other and collaborate on shared documents.

These services are particularly useful for smaller firms or those that are just starting out and want to minimise start up costs.

"Cloud computing enables businesses to make use of software and services as and when they need them, requiring only an internet connection and a web browser, going some way towards solving the problems of resourcing and collaboration," Mr Turner said.

It is especially advantageous to employees who contribute from outside the workplace, an occurrence that is predicted to become even more commonplace within the next few years.

Mr Turner predicted that as much as 80 per cent of employees may be working outside their organisation by 2020.

He outlined a number of ways in which cloud-based services can help remote workers.

The first is the fact that cloud allows easy access to resources from any location without the need for specialist software. All that is required is a standard web browser.

Similarly, workers have secure access to corporate resources, but only the systems and services for which they are authorised.

Cloud services provide better bandwith to its users than the business organisation would conceivably be able to provide itself.

Application performance is also better via cloud hosting regions local to the user, which reduces the risk of latency and congestion during heavy periods of use.

Perhaps most importantly, cloud services offer businesses flexible computing power and growth, which guarantees that the infrastructure is the right size for the demands of the users.

It is likely that more businesses would adopt cloud computing as they became more comfortable with aspects of data security.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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