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 Thursday, 17th May 2012, 16:41:25

Cloud computing provides disaster protection for SMBs

Cloud computing provides disaster protection for SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly adopting cloud technology to protect themselves against unplanned disruption, according to a new study.

Some 40 per cent of respondents in the recent  Symantec 2012 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey have deployed public clouds and 43 per cent have made use of private clouds.

More than a third of companies said that their main reason for doing so was to safeguard the business against possible disruptions.

Similarly, 34 per cent of SMBs reported that they were currently deploying server virtualisation, largely as part of their business continuity strategy, and 71 per cent reported improved disaster preparedness as a result of doing so.

Steve Cullen, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for SMB and Cloud at Symantec Corp, attributed the rising adopting of these new technologies to the fact that smaller firms are particularly vulnerable to disruption.

"SMBs cannot afford lengthy down times so the ability to quickly recover from a disaster is critical.

"Technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing, and mobility, combined with a sound plan and comprehensive security and data protection solutions, enable SMBs to better prepare for and quickly recover from potential disasters such as floods or fires, as well as lost or stolen mobile devices and laptops," he said.

Mr Cullen also noted that contemporary SMBs are in a "unique position" to embrace new technologies that provide them with both a competitive edge and the ability to recover from disaster while maintaining their information security.

The Symantec report recommended four key steps for businesses that wish to embrace these innovations.

It is important to start with a clear plan and evaluate how strategic technologies including cloud, virtualisation and mobile can improve the disaster preparedness of the company.

Next, the firm should adopt intergrated cloud back-up for offsite storage and disaster recovery, and automated physical to virtual (P2V) backup conversion, in case of a server failure.

They should also use a comprehensive security and backup to solution to protect any  physical, virtual and mobile systems.

It is then important to review and test the effectiveness of the system at least once a quarter.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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