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 Thursday, 26th May 2011, 15:24:29

Consumerisation could lead to more firms using anti-virus software

Consumerisation could lead to more firms using anti-virus software

Businesses could look at introducing anti-virus and anti-spam software after a leading IT company said that consumerisation is "one of the biggest problems IT departments are facing".

Spencer Parker, group product manager at Websense, said that many IT sectors are going through "a balancing act" as more people use their own devices for work.

He believes that companies are now unable to keep control of the information being sent over devices that are not theirs and therefore posing a security risk.

When questioned about consumerisation, Mr Parker said that the problem posed to IT departments should not be understated.

"Absolutely, that's probably one of the biggest problems IT departments are facing, that consumerisation. It's not just phones any more - it's smart devices like iPads," he said.

"The proliferation of those devices has just gone ballistic."

Kaspersky Lab warned earlier this month that total volume of mobile malware in 2011 will be double that of 2010 as security becomes more of a problem.

Posted by Henry Thomas

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