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 Thursday, 8th December 2011, 16:58:01

Employees 'unaware of cyber risks and online security'

Employees 'unaware of cyber risks and online security'

Employees in UK businesses are often unaware of internet security risks that could threaten them in the workplace, it has been revealed.

David Emm, senior security researcher at firewall provider Kaspersky Lab, suggested that malware in the current online market is "highly sophisticated" but the problem in losing data can often lie with the person in charge of it.

He said that e-criminals will often exploit human weaknesses in order to get the information they need and to spread their code.

"People are susceptible for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they simply do not realise the danger. Sometimes they are taken in by the lure of 'something for nothing'. Sometimes they cut corners to make their lives easier," Mr Emm added.

In order to prevent security systems being breached, the expert mentioned that employers and their staff should put in place clear rules for IT use, regularly inform employees of new threats trawling the internet and hold training workshops to teach staff how to use the internet safely.

Mark Dampster, associate of the Centre for Cyber Security, commented: "Many critical losses and breaches occur through staff choosing to manipulate the system - either for personal gain or to cause trouble during or post-employment."

He said companies looking to improve their systems should concentrate on the technology they use and the staff they hire in order to tighten up operations and prevent losses of information to hackers and those looking to gain access to sensitive data.

However, Mr Emm suggested that businesses must also remember that employees are hired to be marketers, sales people, engineers and meet other specific role demands that are often not directly linked to security.

The security expert concluded that businesses ignore the human factor of online security "at their peril" and that technology alone "cannot guarantee security".

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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