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 Wednesday, 9th May 2012, 16:35:51

Improve data security with staff training

Improve data security with staff training

One of the most effective ways to improve information security in the workplace is to ensure that workers are educated about cyber crime.

According to Michael Fey, author of Security Battleground: an Executive Field Manual, training staff is a "big part in the arsenal" of data protection.

"A lot of organisations do this today and they focus their training on the people at the end point, the people who are clicking the button, but they have done very little to train the executives," he said.

According to Mr Fey, it is essential that companies work to fill in these gaps by making sure that executive staff are as well versed in IT security as they are in other sectors like sales and finance.

Unless firms equip their workers with the necessary tools to tackle cyber crime, even the most sophisticated security systems can be undermined by a lack of staff knowledge.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a major cause of data loss and cybercrime, as connecting a personal device to the corporate system can compromise security and even result in a malware attack.

Posted by Phil Williams

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