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 Monday, 15th August 2011, 13:33:47

Mobile broadband: McAfee launches security tool for iPhone

Mobile broadband: McAfee launches security tool for iPhone

Mobile broadband users looking to ensure their data is not accessible to cyber criminals could benefit from a new tool from McAfee.

The security technology company has announced plans to release an application that protects Apple iPhone users against threats concerning the loss of private information.

McAfee WaveSecure software iOS Edition aims to address concerns regarding safety in a bid to prevent stolen data in the case of handset theft.

In addition, the easy-to-download service is supporting the needs of individual iPhone users for the first time, after previously helping businesses though its Enterprise Mobility Manager software.

The move is set to be carried out as part of McAfee's plans to continue to strengthen its consumer and enterprise mobile portfolio by gaining broad support across a series of operating systems.

Using the facility, technology-savvy consumers are able to create a backup for their contacts, photographs and videos, as well as tracking the location of their handset through the McAfee WaveSecure online portal.

As a result of this, users are then able to wirelessly restore their contacts if their iPhone is lost or stolen, even to a device of another brand.

Co-president of McAfee Todd Gebhart expressed delight at the company's plans to join forces with one of the most popular mobile device operating systems on the market.

"McAfee WaveSecure works seamlessly to secure, back up and wirelessly restore content on the device via the online portal," he explained.

The iOS Edition of the software allows individuals to gain access to remote location tracking and a web console to help consumers find their missing device.

Earlier this month, McAfee warned parents about the increased risk of cyber bullying, explicit texting and online misbehaviour due to the popularity of smartphone devices.

The company urged guardians to increase their awareness of these issues in a bid to protect their children against the threat of danger caused as a result of easy access to the internet.ADNFCR-1984-ID-800699633-ADNFCR

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