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 Wednesday, 18th January 2012, 14:13:46

More awareness needed of online security issues, expert states

More awareness needed of online security issues, expert states

There is a growing need for higher levels of awareness around online security systems such as firewall and anti-spam solutions, a technology expert has said.

Martyn Ruks, technical director at online security information centre MWR InfoSecurity, suggested that many people see online security as a negative thing when actually it can have significant benefits for both corporate environments and on personal computer systems.

"I think there is certainly a lack of a very positive spin on what kinds of skills are needed and how those skills can actually be used in the workplace. I think from that point then it reflects on the kind of skills and training of professionals in the security industry," the expert added.

The security education in institutions and companies needs to be substantially improved to ward off attacks on sensitive date, such as recent cyber attacks United Nations (UN) and US databases, the expert suggested.

UN departments were hacked by notorious hacking group TeamPoison in December, with targets including its development programme, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development , Unicef and the World Health Organisation .

The security breach saw the gang gain access to sensitive information and confidential documents.

Similarly, cyber criminals gained access to the US Chamber of Commerce's internal systems in the days before Christmas.

It is not known who was responsible for the attacks, but officials from the government body said that emails and passwords had been stolen.

Experts analysing the breach suggested that the gang used the vulnerability of the website to get access to data.

Mr Ruks also mentioned that people who try and get around controls, especially in environments such as schools and businesses, are often vilified or excluded.

The expert's comments come in the wake of research from IT company Cisco which found that there is a "startling" lack of concern about security issues among students and young professionals.


Furthermore, Infosecurity Europe said this highlights the need for better and more pervasive education methods on the subject of IT security.


Posted by Kevin Jenson


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