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 Friday, 9th September 2011, 16:26:08

Online security: Cybercrime 'costs billions to resolve'

Online security: Cybercrime 'costs billions to resolve'

New figures released by Norton Security have revealed the soaring costs spent on a yearly basis to tackle the ongoing issue of cybercrime.

The statistics showed that $114 billion (£71.6 billion) is spent annually, which was based on the value victims surveyed placed on time lost due to threats to their online security.

According to the findings, the ongoing threat of cybercrime gathered international costs of more than that of marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined, with 431 million users affected.

Researchers also discovered that 69 per cent of adults had fallen victim to illegal activity carried out over the internet in their lifetime and one million people are affected every day.

Adam Palmer, lead cyber security advisor for Nortson, said: "While 89 percent of respondents agree that more needs to be done to bring cybercriminals to justice, fighting cybercrime is a shared responsibility."

Last month, Norton announced the launch of a new professional IT help desk service that offers support for small businesses as a cost-effective alternative to in-house support.

Posted by Phil Williams

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