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 Monday, 31st October 2011, 16:09:26

Rise in cyber attacks on government 'is disturbing'

Rise in cyber attacks on government 'is disturbing'

Attempted security attacks on confidential government information are increasing, with one expert highlighting an effort to hack the Foreign Office's IT systems.

In article in the Times, Iain Lobham - head of the government's listening centre GCHQ - warned such threats could cause further damage to the UK's already ailing economy.

The expert revealed sensitive data on government computer networks had already been targeted and could cause considerable damage for the public and industry.

He went on to highlight a "significant" attempt to hack into the Foreign Office's IT infrastructure and other government departments this summer.

"Such intellectual property theft doesn't just cost the companies concerned. It represents an attack on the UK's continued economic wellbeing," he commented.

This comes after Stuart Hibbert, chief executive of, urged companies to take action to protect their data by adopting hosted cloud services, which often features state-of-the-art firewalls and intrusion detection systems to stand firms in good stead.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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