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 Monday, 13th June 2011, 15:24:09

Work-related data risks could lead to firms looking at new security measures

Work-related data risks could lead to firms looking at new security measures

Too many workers are taking risks with work-related data and documents, suggesting that more firms could require anti-virus software and other security measures in force.

That is according to Steve Holford, the marketing director at Fasthosts Internet, who said that people are expected to find their own way of transferring data to other locations, creating the possibility of compromised security.

His comments come after a report by Fasthosts revealed that 37 per cent of the 1,000 British office workers it questioned said that they had taken risks with work-related data or documents.

Mr Holdford believes that there is "clearly a lot of inconsistency" within workforces and businesses, something that will need changing.

"Significantly, most workers surveyed are expected to determine their own method for transferring data off-site, and are free to make their own arrangements for its storage whilst off-site," he said.

"Particularly at home or when travelling, this can often lead to complacency and so a real risk to the business."

Posted by Henry Thomas

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