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 Monday, 30th January 2012, 15:32:07

Cloud computing

Cloud computing "will change our economy"

Cloud computing could have a positive impact on the economy, according to the European Commission vice-present Neelie Kroes.

Ms Kroes has called for a speedy uptake of cloud hosting services in Europe.

"It can bring significant productivity benefits to all, right through to the smallest companies, and also to individuals.

"It promises scalable, secure services for greater efficiency, greater flexibility, and lower cost," she said.

The main obstacles to adopting the system are concerns about security and data protection, particularly for small businesses.

Research by information technology services provider 2e2 found that more than two-thirds of businesses felt there were significant risks involved in migrating to the cloud.

However, Ms Kroes believes that a proposed European Cloud Partnership (ECP) is key to resolving these issues. 

The ECP will launch with a €10 million (£8.3 million) investment.

Its first priority will be to define the common requirements for cloud procurement on issues such as security, competition and avoiding vendor lock-in.

It is Ms Kroes' hope that Europe will become not just "cloud-friendly" but "cloud-active".

Posted by Henry Thomas

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