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 Wednesday, 1st July 2009, 12:00:00

Cloud computing 'represents a new means of consuming IT'

Cloud computing 'represents a new means of consuming IT'

Cloud computing represents a different way of using and consuming IT services, according to an expert from IBM.

Willy Chiu, vice president of the firm's Cloud Labs, recently explained how the company was branching out into building cloud centres for businesses rather than just academics, reports Information Week.

At a conference he said: "We're putting IT resources directly into the hands of people.

"Cloud computing is a new way of consuming IT," Mr Chiu added.

IBM already has nine Cloud Labs for businesses around the world, but the vice president revealed that there were plans in place to extend this number to 20.

The expert outlined the impact of cloud computing around the world, saying that the government in Vietnam considered the technology an opportunity to move towards a services-led economy.

This comes after a survey by Gooroo revealed that 12 per cent of respondents already use cloud or software-as-a-service for core business functions.

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