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 Monday, 5th September 2011, 17:02:17

Cloud services 'do not remove need for IT staff'

Cloud services 'do not remove need for IT staff'

Employing cloud services will not invalidate a business's need for a skilled workforce of IT staff, according to an expert from Microsoft.

Simon May, client and cloud evangelist at Microsoft, said the advent of new technology will not diminish the need for qualified IT professionals, due to the need for experts to help act as a "guide" to introducing new systems.

Speaking during a webinar on the future of cloud computing last month, Mr May said computer experts play an essential role in providing "a localised level of intelligence that tailors a solution to the customer's emerging needs".

The Microsoft expert acknowledged that there will be a certain amount of adjustment involved in introducing cloud services, due to the major differences between understanding the cloud and more traditional technologies, such as widgets.

He said this meant skills would need to change, but added that there will "always" be a need for people with IT proficiency.

"I don't think we're ever going to see vast amounts of IT people being driven out," Mr May added.

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