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 Monday, 12th March 2012, 16:41:25

Experts predict surge in cloud service data sharing

Experts predict surge in cloud service data sharing

The number of companies and consumers using cloud technology in order to share data is likely to grow, according to experts.

Dr Graeme Codrington, speaker of TomorrowToday, predicted that more web users would use cloud services as they become more comfortable with the issue of data security.

"Once people have experienced and felt a little bit of comfort that they are not going to lose any data and they realise that the data is secure or as secure as it is ever going to be; they are going to feel more comfortable and therefore start putting pressure on their companies towards moving company data and team data into the cloud," he said.

Dr Codrington believes that businesses and consumers alike are "at the beginning of a remarkable" shift towards keeping data in the cloud.

He also predicted that there would be a "mindblowingly quick" move now that cloud technology providers, such as Apple, are ironing out some of their functionality problems.

Cloud services allow people to store their data not only for collaborative use but also as in order to protect it.

Anything which is stored in the cloud can be accessed remotely, even if the original physical storage device is damaged.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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