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 Friday, 9th March 2012, 16:49:30

Hybrid cloud services are cost-effective for firms

Hybrid cloud services are cost-effective for firms

Hybrid cloud environments will become more common in corporate practice, experts believe.

According to Royce Murphy, chief executive of IT and visualisation company Real Status, organisations will be "running frequently in hybrid environments", partly in a bid to cut costs.

A hybrid cloud system allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of the technology while avoiding its pitfalls, by not being entirely reliant on the technology.

"There are a few - and sometimes more publicised - companies who put everything into the cloud, but they still seem to be the exception," he said.

Instead, companies tend to use the cloud services in a rental capacity, to deal with increased processing demands as and when they occur.

When there are unpredictable peaks, being able to access and utilise the on-demand cloud infrastructure is extremely cost effective.

Mr Murphy noted that an increasing number of his own company's customers were supplementing their existing resources with cloud services, including software.

"They don't necessarily own all the software that they use as part of their business process.

"They are buying some of their software applications from the cloud and they are coupling that with applications that they might be running in their own infrastructure," he said.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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