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 Friday, 13th January 2012, 16:39:01

Specific Virtualisation platforms 'will become less important'

Specific Virtualisation platforms 'will become less important'

The specific platform used for virtualisation technologies will become less of an issue for small to medium-sized enterprises in the coming year, according to one expert.

A representative from, a news site about the industry, suggested that along with other predictions for advanced computing technologies in 2012, there will be many different platforms available for cloud solutions so the chosen one will become less important.

Kenneth van Surksum, chief editor of the site which was established in 2003, said: "In 2012, we will see that the actual virtualisation platform used is getting less important, because more and more virtualisation management products will support the use of multiple virtualisation platforms."

He also mentioned that the process of abstracting the platforms used for virtualisation could enable companies to build their own private cloud solutions.

Furthermore, abstracting other required technologies such as network and storage will also provide a further basis for independent development.

Management software will also be able to convert virtual machines between different platforms to give ease of access to company materials from remote locations, according to the expert.

"[This will enable] companies to move virtualised resources to and from the cloud. Of course, virtualisation platforms, in combination with functionality provided by hardware vendors will further evolve - providing more functionality, better performance and so on," Mr van Surksum added.

He continued that the ability to manage resources on and off the premises will give added strength and expansion potential to the business model and also make working patterns more flexible and on-demand.

According to Phil Codd, managing director and chief markets officer for northern Europe, India and South Africa at Software Quality Systems, cloud computing could have many advantages for firms across the country as long as the right server is chosen and proper security measures are put in place.

Posted by Judy Gifford

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