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 Tuesday, 17th January 2012, 16:38:17

The cloud 'will become a neutral space for software in 2012'

The cloud 'will become a neutral space for software in 2012'

Cloud computing will aim to create a neutral space for many different forms of software in the coming year, according to one expert.

John Dunn, security editor for technology and computing news website Techworld, suggested that virtualisation is moving away from fixed products, brands and platforms in favour of various different technologies coming together to form an integrated service.

"You've got private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds, and you've got the different bits of technology that make that infrastructure possible," Mr Dunn said.

He added that while the public cloud could be tricky for some companies to employ due to regulatory issues and worries about technology, private clouds are relatively simple and conventional.

Private clouds enable the user to adopt virtualisation technology for themselves and run it at ease, the expert explained.

Mr Dunn recently commented that many organisations are turning to cloud security solutions, allowing them to gain access to regular updates without having to buy a new policy.

Posted by Judy Gifford

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