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Cloud Solutions VMware vSphere™

vSphere™ is VMware’s collective designation for its newest generation of Cloud platform services. VMware refer to vSphere as the industry’s ‘first Cloud Operating System’, by which it means clients using vSphere as their preferred hosting platform, are ideally placed to take full advantage of the true benefits of Cloud Computing, with the end goal of transforming their own organisations’ IT Infrastructure; making it simpler, more flexible, and more efficient.

Why do Hostway employ vSphere?

  • VMware vSphere delivers greater efficiency with uncompromising control, while preserving customer choice. vShpere is O.S. neutral and there are more API’s, applications services and partners working with Vmware than any other virtualisation technology provider.
  • vSphere dramatically lowers the total cost of application, operation and maintenance, and significantly reduces lost revenue associated with downtime, outages and failures – key for an Enterprise hosting company like ours. It achieves this primarily through automating management, and dynamically allocating resources to applications across internal and external cloud infrastructures, enabling us to deliver a better service to you, our customers.
  • vSphere also provides a groundbreaking set of application services (e.g. SAP, Oracle, MSSQL, MS Exchange) that our customers need, and that offer service level guarantees around availability, performance and security, independent of what operating system or application type you choose to use.
  • vSphere is an automated, controlled and resilient environment that responds rapidly to changing business requirements, effectively letting us ‘future-proof’ your hosted IT environment.
  • vSphere bridges internal and external resources, helping our customers achieve the full benefits of cloud computing. VMware vSphere is simply the best platform for building out Enterprise cloud infrastructures.

Build your Infrastructure on the Most Trusted Virtualization Solution

Bring the power of cloud computing to your IT infrastructure with VMware vSphere, the next evolutionary step in IT computing and the most trusted virtualization platform available.

  • Let your IT staff shift their energies towards creating transformative business solutions instead of routine maintenance of hardware and software
  • Get more from your existing IT assets and reduce capital expenses of the datacenter by up to 60%
  • Significantly lower power, cooling and real estate needs and cut your energy costs by up to 80%

VMware vSphere overview

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