Customer Support Technology

Hostway’s Integrated Customer Support Platform represents a winning combination of state-of-the-art tools, expertise and personal attention focused on our customers.

Diagram: Hostway Customer Support Technology

Diagram Key

A. Initiation

Customer contacts customer support via phone, email or Hostway’s account management system (SiteControl)

B.Support Process

The Integrated Customer Support Platform process includes:

  • Fully Integrated Customer Relationship Management system (SiteTools) processes the incoming request
  • A Trouble Ticket is issued for tracking purposes and the request is sent to the U.S.E.R. Support Team for resolution.
  • U.S.E.R. Support members take ownership of each Trouble Ticket and work efficiently to resolve the issue completely.
  • If required, up to 3 levels of specialized support team members use their combined expertise to resolve the issue.
  • Changes are sent via a Secure Central Database (SCDB) to the Global Data Center Automation System (GDCAS) where they are immediately implemented.
  • Customers can self-resolve many support issues, with real-time changes taking effect, using SiteControl.

C. Support Escalation

If the issue requires the help of the U.S.E.R. Support Team, the customer is kept updated throughout the resolution process and the trouble ticket is closed.


Web-based customer account management tool. Customers can resolve many issues automatically using SiteControl, which is directly connected to the Secure Central Database (SCD) and the Global Data Center Automation System (GDCAS).

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
Hostway’s innovative CRM, SiteTools, is a fully integrated system that instantly and accurately provides support representatives with the most up-to-date and complete information of customer account activity. Without this essential information, customer’s time is wasted and mistakes are bound to happen. This real-time customer account activity is part of the Trouble Ticket system that is generated when a customer reports a technical support.

CRM / SiteTools
SiteTools is Hostway’s branded Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which processes all incoming customer requests and communication.

Trouble Ticket
The means customers use to report technical problems within the Hostway Integrated Customer Support Platform. Trouble Tickets are used to track and record all communication instances between the customer and Hostway U.S.E.R. Support Team.

U.S.E.R. Support
“Universal, Simple, Easy, Reliable” Support—the core support team members who handle and process all incoming Trouble Tickets.

Secure Central Database (SCDB)
Centrally managed, the secure database stores and provides incoming and outgoing data for the Hostway Integrated Customer Support Platform. It automatically sends information to the Global Data Center Automation System (GDCAS) so changes are implemented throughout the resolution process.

Global Data Center Automation System (GDCAS)
The GDCAS transfers resolution changes and modifications to the server and network environment so they are immediately visible to customers.

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