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Everyday, hundreds of small and medium sized businesses in the UK and abroad choose Hostway to support their website or their online businesses. They do this because we are focused on their needs, and offer the experience and quality of service they are looking for.

at Hostway it's personal

Although web hosting may seem like a commodity these days, with lots of companies offering much the same products at much the same prices, the service ‘we’ provide around those products certainly isn’t the same. At Hostway we take pride in how we work with our customers to make sure they get the service they want.

So, whether it’s our FREE 24/7 Support from real qualified technicians you can talk to on the phone, our range of tools and services that have been developed by an established company of over 10 years to help you manage your online presence or online business effectively, or our full 30-day money back guarantee – you can be sure if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

Customer Support Technology

At Hostway we use a variety of best-practice systems and processes to ensure we provide our customers with quality of service, and consistency. We’re continuously investing to improve our already impressive Unified Hostway Customer Support Engine, which includes:

  • Hostway SiteControl – Our Web-based account management system empowers our customers to easily control all aspects of their accounts.
  • Customer Relationship Management System – our CRM system provides our customer support team with instant and real-time access to customer information.
  • Global Data Center Automation System (G-DAS) – A global clearinghouse for all modifications made to customers’ accounts, G-DAS seamlessly connects our customers and customer support team to our 7 international data centers.

Our Staff

Team members at Hostway excel at their jobs and always put our customer’s needs first. We expect to exceed expectations and aren’t happy doing anything less.

Employee Training

Our team members’ education begins the first day they start and continues throughout their careers at Hostway through our innovative and interactive Hostway University training.

Web Hosting Technical Support

We’re available to answer your
technical support queries 24/7/365

Phone: 0845 230 1880 option #2
(local rates apply from a BT Line)
Self-Help: Hostway Help Centre
Service Status: Check here for updates

Welcome Kit

We’ve designed a handy Welcome Kit to give all web hosting and email customers a quick account setup guide, details about key features, links to FAQ’s, and helpful marketing tips and special offers.

Dedicated Server Support

Dedicated Server customers can find support information related to their services, Service Level Agreements, the Dedicated Telephone Support number, as well as direct access to initiating a support ticket and helpful documentation on the Dedicated Support page.

Hostway Help Centre

Whether you need a step-by-step guide to account setup or a demonstration of how a Hostway feature works, our searchable help center puts easy-to-understand non-technical information at your fingertips.

Hostway Help Centre

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