Hostway Support Staff

What’s our secret weapon? Our great staff.

We know that state-of-the-art machines and top-of-the-line networking equipment is only part of the hosting equation. At the heart of our mission to deliver a superior customer experience is our team of dedicated and passionate professionals, who are committed to exceeding customer expectations every day. Hostway puts Customers First and it shows!

A Company-wide Doctrine

Our customer support teams are made up of technical support representatives, billing support representatives, and customer service representatives. Their mission is to listen to and provide the customers’ perspective to the rest of the company, resolve customer issues in a friendly and empathetic way and be the ambassadors of Hostway’s “Customers First” value system.

But, our customer-facing support teams are not the only people who represent these values—every employee at Hostway shares a common desire and commitment to delivering an excellent customer experience. In fact, every member of the senior management team began his/her tenure at Hostway as a customer service representative.

We realize that the only way to continue to be the leader in Web hosting is to give our customers a voice in our company for what they need and anticipate what they’ll want in the future; making EVERY Hostway employee a customer advocate.

Compassionate and Empathetic Professionals

Exceptional service starts with committed people. Great customer support representatives have more than just exceptional technical skills-they have a strong desire to solve problems for customers. Anyone who joins the Hostway team must first demonstrate a strong passion and dedication for helping people. Prospective employees must possess a core value set: courtesy, patience, friendliness and professionalism along with the desire to always act in the customer’s best interest.

Committed to Excellence

Staying current with our customers’ needs is an ongoing process. With that in mind, our customer support departments function in a team environment and meet regularly to brainstorm new and proactive ways to address customers’ concerns. By taking a team approach, every individual shares his/her experience and gains new perspectives and learning from each customer interaction. Additionally, we have a committed investment in training, which means our team members keep current with the newest technology and master the latest innovations in customer support. Learn more about our training program now.

The real proof is in the pudding.

If our customer service values describe you, why not join a winning team? Check out our current job opportunities now.

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