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VPS Solutions VPS Advantages

If you’re comparing VPS to other platforms, here are some helpful facts about Hostway VPS that might help you make up your mind which to go for.

Ultimate Control

With a Root Linux VPS, you simply get a clean install of your OS of choice, with full access via ssh to the configuration files for the system and app software. Under Windows we install Windows2003 Server. For Plesk VPS users we install the license for the very latest version of Plesk giving you the ability to manage your domains, websites and tools extremely effectively.

Greater Stability

We know resellers of web hosting in particular are answerable to their customers, just as we are. So a seamless, extremely stable hosting set-up means that you spend less time sorting out issues with them, and more time on developing your business, and acquiring new customers. The latest versions of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers and Plesk are more advanced and offer greater levels of reliability than ever before.

Improved Security

In a Virtual Private Server environment your data is securely partitioned from others on the server by Virtuozzo (the proprietary virtualisation technology we use), which creates an impregnable wall of protection around your server resources. As with all Hostway dedicated server products, you also benefit from the managed, proactive security procedures, firewalls and systems we already have in place on our network.

Optimum Performance/Cost

Hostway’s generous VPS hardware specs are chosen specifically to cope with this intensive use, and contention levels are maintained at strictly specified levels across the range. Because the costs of hardware, licensing, network connectivity, and systems maintenance are distributed amongst those sharing the VPS nodes, VPS represents an affordable choice that still delivers the performance of a dedicated server.

Flexibility – the right solution

With a choice of the most popular Linux OS (under Root only) or Windows2003 server, you can choose the environment that’s right for you. Customers also choose how they wish to administrate their Hostway VPS – either via Root access (for advanced administrators and bespoke configurability), or via the Parallels Plesk control panel (offering ease of administration and automation of many basic and some more advanced tasks).

Tools and Software

For Root VPS – we make a clean install of the chosen OS, leaving you free to install whatever you need. Under Windows, we will instantiate a base install of Windows2003 Server, and you are free to install whatever tools and applications you want.

For Plesk VPS – CentOS is the standard operating system, optimised as it is for Parallels Virtuozzo platform and Plesk software. The latest Parallels Plesk Panel boasts a completely redone user interface designed to help users navigate and perform tasks quicker and easier. Find out what’s New in Parallels Plesk Panel (9.2).

Combined Hosting Services

On top of your VPS account, every Hostway customer has access to all the other great hosting services we supply, through your SiteControl interface. These services include cost-effective Domain Name Registration and management, Domain forwarding and DNS editing, a wide range of Windows2003, Linux or ColdFusion Web hosting, not to mention simple Email solutions. We also supply a complete range of Dedicated Servers and Enterprise Managed hosting solutions for companies of all sizes.

In other words, you have access to everything you need, right here!

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