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If you have any questions after looking through our VPS information section, please contact our Sales Team by email, or by telephone on 0808 180 1880

VPS Solutions Is VPS Right for You?

Looking around, there’s no shortage of choice when you’re considering setting up your own server, and the options can be a little confusing. Virtual Private Servers sit just beneath physical or virtual Dedicated Servers, in that they offer the autonomy of a dedicated server, but at an affordable price point. They represent a cost-effective intermiediary solution especially for shorter-term development projects, test-beds, or mutliple single site installations – but in reality they are flexible enough for almost anything, depending on what resources are required of course!

Good for Resellers

At Hostway we understand what web professionals need in order to deliver a quality hosting service to their customers. Our 3rd generation VPS offer resellers and web developers a blend of highly reliable, low-cost dedicated resources, and a powerful interface with which to administrate their clients’ domains, email, and manage other configuration tasks. You can choose to use the Plesk Control Panel to acheive this, or to configure your VPS yourself with our root access solution.

Great for Developers & Short Term Projects

Whether you are testing software, building a complex, database-driven application, or working on a bespoke development project, a VPS Root package is an ideal midway-point between shared hosting, with its inherent compromises, and dedicated hosting which may be too costly. Hostway Virtual Servers are highly practical for short-term, pre-launch projects as there is no minimum contract length. Post-launch, operations can move to a similarly structured dedicated solution, literally in minutes.

What Support can I expect?

We want your experience of using our VPS to be as simple and painfree as possible. Our VPS Technical Support structure is straight-forward:

  • ‘Rebuild’ Requests – If you need to start from scratch, we can perform a rebuild your VPS. This incurs engineer time which will be charged at our standard rate of £45+VAT per half-hour period.
  • VPS Technical Support – Technical Support via email or telephone is included, and covers assistance with connectivity issues within our network, known software bugs, hardware issues, DNS, and reboots. Administrative tasks including (but not limited to) troubleshooting modifications to software or operating system, third party software installations, security audits or checks, and other administrative tasks are NOT covered, and may be subject to additional fees as per above.

Application Restrictions

In the vast majority of cases, VPS users will be able to run exactly the same applications and software they would on a standard Linux or Windows dedicated Server. There are however certain restrictions in terms of the types of applications that you can run on the Hostway VPS Root architecture. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Applications that require the loading of a kernel module.
  • Applications that require a specific kernel module, or module version, that is not included in the existing distribution.
  • Applications that require direct access to block or character devices.
  • Applications that require NPTL.

If you are in any doubt as to whether your applications will work on our VPS machines, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team via email, or by telephone on the following number: 0808 180 1880

* All prices exclude VAT where applicable. All plans, packages and offers are subject to terms and conditions of sale available on the site.

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