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VPS Solutions VPS Service Level Agreement

The Hostway VPS Service Level Agreement applies to Virtual Private Server (VPS) customers only. The information displayed here consititutes your Sevice Level Agreement with us.

Our promise to you

We are committed to providing all our VPS customers with the highest level of technical support and assistance in the industry 365 days of the year. Our technicians are experts in their field, not only keeping client services operational, but also providing friendly and quality technical advice whenever necessary.

What’s more, the entire Hostway network is monitored 24 hours a day by qualified engineers. We also operate Pager Alarm Response Services, so Systems staff can proactively monitor services and the current status of network resources. If a problem is detected or anticipated our engineers can respond and act pre-emptively. Hostway also provide a quality assurance model in all aspects of our inspection, testing, installation of hardware, and recovery procedures.

Client Responsibilities

At the same time it is worth pointing out that VPS services are essentially unmanaged, dedicated servers, requiring greater know-how and experience to administrate by the client, than would be typically needed for a shared hosting account. This is especially true for root access VPS. It is for this reason that we recommend VPS, in the majority of cases, only to those who have experience of running their own dedicated server environment.

Engineer Time Charges

Hostway understand how important technical support is to our customers. We ensure that you are properly advised at the outset and properly supported from day one, by telephone and email. Should you require assistance from our engineers that falls outside of our VPS support remit, their time is charged at a cost of £90.00+VAT per hour, or £45.00+VAT per half-hour.

Hardware Uptime SLA and rebate structure

  • 99.9% Server Hardware Functional Availability
  • 99.9% Power to Machine guarantee

For every hour above our acceptable outages on a calendar month, you will be reimbursed 5% of your monthly fee, to a maximum of 50% of the net fee for the month. This is active only after a report of a failure by the Customer.

Network uptime SLA and rebate structure

  • 99.99+% network (router) availability based on network average
  • Average delay time not to exceed 55ms in Europe and 105ms Transatlantic (within the borders of our network).

For every hour above our acceptable outages on a calendar month, you will be reimbursed 5% of your monthly fee, to a maximum of 50% of the net fee for the month. This is active only after a report of a failure by the Customer.

Hostway reserves the right to levy a fee of £90.00 for false alarm and faultless system reports.

Application Restrictions

As stated elsewhere within this section of the Hostway site, VPS customers are hereby notified that there are certain exceptions to the types of applications that can run on the Hostway VPS Root architecture. These include but are not limited to the following:-

  • Applications that require the loading of a kernel module.
  • Applications that require a specific kernel module, or module version, that is not included in the existing distribution.
  • Applications that require direct access to block or character devices.
  • Applications that require NPTL.

As such, any outage or service interruption deemed by Hostway to be due to inappropriate choice of application or software, as per the notice above, will not be eligible for reimbursement.

Please do not hesitate to email our Sales Representatives if you have any questions.

Other Restrictions

In accordance with Hostway’s Terms of Use policy specifically section B entitled Server Resources, “any website that uses a high amount of server resources (such as, but not limited to, CPU time, memory usage, and network resources) will be given the option to either pay additional fees (which will depend on the resources required), reduce the resources used to an acceptable level, or upgrade its service to a different hosting plan. Hostway shall be the sole arbiter of what is considered to be a high server usage level.”

This includes ‘Unlimited Traffic’ allowances on our VPS plans, where an “acceptable use” policy remains in force. Persons exceeding a level which Hostway deems acceptable will be asked to moderate their usage.

* All prices exclude VAT where applicable. All plans, packages and offers are subject to terms and conditions of sale available on the site.

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