.CO – Create Your Opportunity

In the world of property, estate agents are always talking about “Location, Location, Location!” and right now there is a lot of hot property available in the .CO name space.

What is .CO?

.CO is the country code for Colombia, but anyone can buy and use .co domains for whatever purposes they choose.

Why should you register .CO domains?

  • .CO provides an alternative to the .COM you’ve always wanted but isn’t available, for a fraction of the asking price
  • With .CO you can create clever/catchy domains for words ending in ‘co’, or for “COmpany,” “COrporation” and “COmmerce” associations (e.g. pepsi.co, acme.co, mexi.co)
  • Protect your .com – due to the similarity to .COM, .CO represents a good opportunity to protect your existing domain investments from potential cyber squatters.
  • .CO provides lots of scope for other short and memorable domain names, including keyword-filled generic domains. There is a large inventory of domains not readily available in other domain extensions.

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