WhoisProtector FAQ

What is a domain name?

Domain names identify a specific network location on the Internet. A domain name is your identity on the Internet and provides you with an address that other Internet users can use to find your site. In order for visitors to access your site on the Internet, you must select a unique domain name and register it. You can register a domain name here

What is the Whois database?

A live database that is available to the public 24/7, the Whois database includes up-to-date contact information for all registered domains. ICANN, the organization responsible for overseeing the domain name registration system, requires all accredited domain name Registrars publish accurate and up-to-date contact information including name, postal address, phone number, and email address in the database. Inaccurate contact information can be grounds for cancellation of a domain name.

What is ICANN?

ICANN stands for the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN coordinates, with accredited Registrars, the assignment of the following identifiers that must be globally unique for the Internet to function: domain names, IP address numbers and protocol parameter and port numbers.

Why should I sign up for private registration with WhoisProtector?

The benefit of having a private domain registration with WhoisProtector is that you shield your identity, home address, phone number and email address from spammers, identity thieves, scammers, undesirables, etc. When you purchase and activate the WhoisProtector service, our contact information appears in the public Whois database, not yours.

How much does it cost to protect a domain with the WhoisProtector service?

With WhoisProtector Ultra, we replace your name, address, email address and phone number in the Whois database with our information. You retain full control over your domain name. It costs just £5.95*/year!

WhoisProtector Lite ensures that only your technical and administrative email address shows up in the Whois database. All other information is kept private, and you retain full control over your domain name. Only £2.95*/year!

How do I protect a domain with the WhoisProtector service?

Once you have registered your domain name, you can access and activate the WhoisProtector service through sitecontrol under the Domain Name section.

If I register a domain name with the WhoisProtector service, will I be listed as the registrant for the domain in the Whois?

No, WhoisProtector, Inc. will be listed in the public Whois database as the holder of the domain. You will retain the rights to the domain and will have full control over it. You can make changes to the name servers and contact information you submitted at anytime.

If WhoisProtector, Inc. is listed as the registrant of my domain, does that mean I no longer own the domain?

No, you continue to own the domain. WhoisProtector, Inc. is simply masking your contact information to protect your privacy.

How do I cancel the WhoisProtector private domain name registration service?

You can cancel the service directly through sitecontrol under the Domain Name section.

What if someone tries to contact me through the contact information that appears on the Whois protected domain?

The public Whois database requires a postal address, an email address, and a phone number for every registered domain name. When you add WhoisProtector private registration to your domain, our postal address will be displayed in the address. A private email address for the domain is also created and published on Whois in the following format: yourdomainname@whoisprotector.com. The WhoisProtector phone number is listed, which is configured with a voice message advising the caller to email or send correspondence to the contact information listed on the public Whois.

An example of how the contact information will appear.

Domain ID:D15188301-LRMS
Created On:01-Nov-2006 08:48:31 UTC
Last Updated On:29-Mar-2007 11:43:52 UTC
Expiration Date:01-Nov-2008 08:48:31 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Domain People, Inc. (R128-LRMS)
Registrant ID:dp-6765051
Registrant Name:WhoisProtector Inc.
Registrant Organization:WhoisProtector Inc.
Registrant Street1:550 Burrard Street, Suite 200
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Vancouver
Registrant State/Province:BC
Registrant Postal Code:V6C 2B5
Registrant Country:CA
Registrant Phone:+1.6046888974
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:mydomainnam.com@mail1.whoisprotector.com

How do I control the email forwarding service for my Whois protected domain?

When messages are received at your private WhoisProtector email address, they are processed according to the email handling setting you selected for the domain name. There are two email options to choose from: all messages filtered for spam then forwarded or no message forwarding. If you choose to have messages “filtered for spam then forwarded”, the messages will be forwarded to the specific email address that you provided to the WhoisProtector service provider. You may modify this specific email address at anytime through your service provider. The email handling option will be set to “filter and forward” by default until you select another option.

What does WhoisProtector do with postal mail addressed to my domain name?

WhoisProtector will sort and process registered, couriered and first-class mail that appears to be of a legal nature, and has been delivered to our address on your behalf. We will notify you if mail of this type has been received and you will be given the option to have the mail forwarded to your address. If mail is forwarded, a shipping and handling charge will be billed to your account. WhoisProtector will not open any mail that is addressed to you.

How am I notified if WhoisProtector has received mail addressed to my domain name?

You will be notified by email in the event that registered, couriered correspondence or first-class mail, that appears to be of a legal nature, has been delivered to our address on your behalf. The email notification will contain a scanned image or description of the letter or package along with the shipping and handing fees required to have the mail forwarded to your address. You will have five (5) days in which to reply with your request to have the mail forwarded. Messages will only be forwarded following successful fee processing.

Will WhoisProtector open and read mail that is addressed to my domain name?

No, mail that is addressed to the registrant of a domain name will not be opened or read.

What are WhoisProtector’s shipping and handling fees?

Forwarded mail is sent to you by courier for a shipping and handling fee. You will be charged only if you reply to the notification email, confirming you want correspondence sent to you and agree to accept the shipping and handling charges. These fees must be paid before any correspondence is forwarded.

Can I turn the WhoisProtector service on and off automatically?

You will be able to activate or deactivate the service at anytime through sitecontrol.

How can I add the WhoisProtector service to my current domain registration?

The service can be ordered at anytime for a yearly fee. If your domain is not registered through Hostway, you can simply have your domain name transferred and order WhoisProtector as an additional service.

How long does it take for the WhoisProtector contact information to appear in Whois once activated?

The public Whois database is normally updated once per day. The private domain registration information will appear for your domain once the Whois is updated.

Do I have to enter my valid contact information for a domain name registration if I use WhoisProtector?

Yes, you must supply your service provider with your accurate contact information and also keep this information up-to-date. This is a requirement by ICANN, who can request this information in cases of complaints and disputes. It is also very important to keep this information accurate to ensure you receive important notices and correspondence intended for you such as domain renewal notices.

Does the WhoisProtector service expire the same time as my domain?

WhoisProtector service is bound to a specific domain name. When the domain expires and the contact information is no longer displayed on the public Whois, the WhoisProtector service will expire. The service cannot be transferred to another domain.

Will the WhoisProtector service be renewed when I renew my domain registration?

The WhoisProtector service is separate from your domain registration service so you will have to renew it as a separate service. Your WhoisProtector service provider will notify you with renewal instructions when your WhoisProtector service is up for renewal.

Will I be notified when its time to renew my WhoisProtector service?

Yes, we will notify you.

How do I renew my WhoisProtector service?

You can renew your service through sitecontrol.

What domain extensions can I use the WhoisProtector service with?

The domain extensions currently supported are: COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, and INFO.

How will WhoisProtector know if my contact information changes?

WhoisProtector uses the contact information that you maintain with your service provider.

Will WhoisProctector, Inc. ever reveal my actual contact information?

Your contact information will only be disclosed if required by a court of competent jurisdiction, an arbitration award, directions from ICANN, or if there is a breach to our service agreement.

How do I contact WhoisProtector support?

You can contact support on support@hostway.co.uk.

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